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OEM-NC100 stereo noise-cancelling headphone
OEM-NC100 stereo noise-cancelling headphone
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OEM-NC100 stereo noise-cancelling headphone

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Item ID:OEM-NC100Brand:ODM
Driver Type: Noise Cancelling
Wearing styles: In Ear
Regional: Europe
Use: Mobile Phone Support
Material: Plastic
All Price: less $5
All Color: White
Frequency response: 18 - 20000 Hz
Impedance: 24Ω
Sensitivity: 102db
Plug Type: 3.5mm
Plug styles: Straight
Cable length: 1.2m
Cord Type: Straight Y
Availability: In Stock
Micphone: Support
Wear accessory: Eartips
Material for headset: Plastic
Position of micphone: On cord
Speaker size: 6MM
Diaphragm: 6U
Logo printed: Print screen
Cord material: PVC
Earphone wire type: Round wire
Wire-control: Support
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 Noisy world, makes peace is precious. Special research and development of digital noise reduction technology, let you work, rest, or to travel, can fight at any time to enjoy the quiet. Noise and music don't have to compete for your ears. You can turn it down, still can hear each note, implementation technology unique space of tranquility to enjoy. A busy office, tumultuous lounge is not distract your attention. Digital noise reduction technology has realized the simulation of the system reach the environment noise sampling accuracy and reverse wave form accuracy, thus has a good noise reduction effect. Adopting digital equalizer for signal processing, and further enhance the noise reduction effect, ensure the good match of audio output and acoustic characteristics. Noise cancelling headphones acoustic system can realize high frequency sensitivity, eliminates the general noise control system is often too exaggerated bass effect. Digital amplifier technology, the improved with among them, it is done through high precision output full digital processing.

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