Production Process

1. ear shell selection-->Production ear shell ->Ear shell assembly
2. Cable material selection-->production cable-->cable assembly
3. speaker selection-->production speaker-->speaker assembly
Manufacturing technique
1.)ear shell production :
ear shell moulding developing -->moulding testing-->ear shell production-->painting,coloring,UV,Electroplating etc-->logo printing-->ear shell assembly
2.)cable production:
cable material selection -->cable production-->param string length-->serifing,tinspray painting,wiring-->jack welding-->injection-->testing-->coiling
3.)Speaker production:
film,Cone Frame,magnet,circuit board selecting -->magnetizing -->assembling-->stick membrane slice-->gluing-->testing
End products assembling : ear shell threading fixed -->speaker welding-->ear shell covering -->sounds quality testing-->cleaning appearance -->packing
Testing Methords
1.)Ear shell testing :
ear shell moulding testing -->appearance of shell testing-->coloring testing-->logo printing testing-->ear shell assembly testing
 2.)Cable testing :
cable exterior testing-->cable length testing-->cable welding,wiring testing -->professional testing of positive&negative board electrical -->moulding injection testing-->professional electrical tester testing -->pulling force testing
3.)Speaker testing : 
positive&negative tester-->sonic scanner-->curve tester
4.)End products testing :
threading lenght testing-->cable splice fixed testing-->soldering fixed testing-->covering testing -->pulling force testing-->waving testing-->sonic scanner testing-->curve analyzer testing-->professional audition listening--> exterior testing-->end product testing


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