What Our Clients Says?

"Basen customize metal earphone for us. Now the products is popular in india with top reputation.They finish the production perfectly as per my design . We are satified with basen' s work : one years warranty and unique sounds quality ,strong bass. It’s the best sounds quality earphone in india . we are sure we can do more models with basn factory. "


4,5 out of 5 stars, The Guitarist choice

- The Guitarist


“The design of the units, and the branding graphics go uniform high marks – holds on the head well with no adjustment, cool style, distinctive look, solid construction and most of all they sound good.”

- Media & Entertainment technologies


The Best Value Award

- Stereowise Plus


4 out of 5 stars

- Trusted Reviews


“There’s no doubt that they hit the spot”

- Mirror


“A great choice for rock fans, at a competitive price”



“If they wanted good, affordable headphones then they failed on that score. These are great, they’ve ended up creating super headphones – that happen to be affordable.”

- Metro


”Soundwise, it has clear highs and a bass that could raise the dead”

- The Independent


The 10 Best headphones “It’s easy to dismiss these phones as a bit of deft marketing by the band but they are surprisingly good. Features clear highs and bass that could raise the dead.”

- The Independent


“These are also monsters of detail. Given the right acoustic live or multi-layered studio recording, you’re likely to hear the finer points of music that had previously passed you by when listening through loudspeakers.”



“This week’s prize for cleverest branding goes to British rockers Motörhead, who’ve partnered up with techie entrepreneurs Anders Nicklassen and Ulf Sandberg to bring you their new line of ‘Motörheadphönes’.”

- The Concordian


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